Turah – A Requirement to Reign

Turah is the a Hebrew word that means – a precept or statute. It comes from the Hebrew word yarah which means to teach, direct, inform and instruct. To have Turah or to follow Turah means ones follows a precept, an instruction, a teaching. We follow and adhere to the Turah of Yahuah. The Creator’s Turah has been communicated by writings of old, His servants, and by the Ruach Ha Qodesh (the Set-Apart Spirit). The Ruach Ha Qodesh continues to enlighten Yahuah’s people with complete instruction, complete knowledge and complete understanding of the precepts and principles that were ordained before the foundations of this world.

The people of Yahuah are to keep Yahuah’s instructions in order to be found acceptable and pleasing to Him. In Ya’qob (James) 2:10 the writer lets us know, “For whoever shall guard all the Turah, and yet stumble in one point, he is guilty of all.” Turah only becomes “law” when men and women break or offend in the execution of Yahuah’s statutes. Each day we are to strive to live according to all that has been imparted and revealed to us. Yahuah will continue to lead and guide us into all truth and into all Turah.